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Polymeric technologies


We produce polyethylene film

At high-line automatic manufacture of polyethylene film bags PVD various configurations, including with bottom fold and the flap, which can be double-glued tape.

PVD packages are used to package a variety of products:

  • packaging for textiles, textile products;
  • bags for clothes;
  • bags for pillows, blankets, plaids and blankets, covers for car seats;
  • PVD packages (LG, DOW), packaging for bedding (CPB);
  • packages for wheels, tires, blankets to protect the car seat;
  • bags, plastic bags: for agricultural feed, fertilizer, garbage;
  • packages for food products, for packaging, for bulk products, for packaging;
  • branded shopping bags, promotional bags for trade.

There is a custom clothing manufacture. We sew a film PVD (LG, DOW) and PVC film (combined with spanbond) bags for packing of blankets, pillows, plaids, curtains, covers for automobile seats.

Machine welding polymeric materials of high frequency currents produce packaging from PVC:

  • bags, folders, envelopes, books for bedding (CPB);
  • bags for textiles including with hanger-hook, the european suspension;
  • beauticians;
  • organizer for the tourist;
  • cover;
  • plane, the demonstrator;
  • package for the tool;
  • packaging for toys.

All products can be applied full flexprinting, silk screen printing.

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