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Polymeric technologies


We produce polyethylene film: PVD (high-pressure polyethylene), PSD (medium-pressure polyethylene) from domestic and imported (LG, DOW) of raw materials. The following types: the sleeve, the sleeve with fold (folds inward on the sides of the sleeves), half, cloth. Films of PVD have such properties as tensile strength and compression set, resistance to impact and tearing. Most importantly, the strength remains at very low temperatures (from -60 to -70 °C).

The film combines the characteristics of PSD PVD strength PND. Widely used different formulas and additives to improve appearance and make films of high transparency, strength and shine. The film can be painted in any color to opaque. The use of film PVD, PSD: Packaging, shrink, greenhouse and tech.

PVD films:

  • from domestic raw materials
  • from imported raw material LG
  • printed
  • shrink

PVC film:

  • to stretch ceilings
  • adhesive for printing
  • curtain for bathtubs
  • for tablecloths
  • transparent colorless
  • transparent color
  • opaque colored embossed
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